Welcome reception at Campus Gotland


On Monday 28 August there will be a Welcome Reception for all new students (Swedish and international) at Campus Gotland.

This is how the schedule looks like:

13:30: We assemble outside Rindiborgen i e the building of Student Union Rindi

13:40-14:00: The Knight of Knowledge will lead the way through the medieval city of Visby to the reception at St. Nicolai Ruin

14:00-15:00 (at latest): The ceremony, among other things with music and speeches with

  • Anders Hagfeldt, Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University
  • Olle Jansson, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Campus Gotland
  • Meit Fohlin, chairman of the region board (Region Gotland)
  • Representatives from Gotland Student Union Rindi
  • GotlandsMusiken and Alexander Lövmark

No registration required for the welcome reception, but please tell us you're joining by clicking 'I'm Attending' in our Facebook event for the reception.

Lamning 2023

The Student Union Rindi also organises welcome activities. A number of social evening events will be arranged for all newly arrived international and Swedish students during the first two weeks of the semester, starting on 4 September. More information on the Lamning 2023.

International students will receive information about the various 'lambing' activities during Orientation Day 25 August.

Last modified: 2023-09-05