In order to more easily identify research issues and find collaborations, three themes have been developed.

Energy and climate

An increased focus on solar and wind energy will have an impact on natural and cultural heritage. Wind generators in historical landscapes and solar panels on church roofs are just two of many issues that are interesting to investigate more closely.

Society in change: conflict, identity and politics

We are living in a changing society. People are moving, some to escape war and conflict, others to get better opportunities for the future. Heritage is used to create identities and strengthen communities. However, used in the wrong way heritage can contribute to exclusion and hostility between groups. There are some signs that cultural heritage is increasingly becoming a means of power in conflicts. How can research contribute to strengthening the knowledge of the dynamics between heritage and major societal changes?

Cultural heritage and regional development

The relationship between heritage, regional development and growth has been emphasized in the last 20 years. Heritage is identified as an important factor for the identity and attractiveness of a region. Through creativity and innovation heritage can become a financial resource.

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