Visiting researchers & PhD students

SuHRF is continuously visited by both researchers and doctoral students. Read more about some of them and their experience being guests at Campus Gotland.

Katherine Burlingame

Hello Katherine Burlingame, visiting PhD student within Sustainable Heritage Research Forum! Please tell us more about yourself and what you are doing at our department.

I am a PhD student at Lund University’s Department of Human Geography. My research focuses on bringing together concepts from landscape geography and heritage studies in the development and management of historical landscapes. It has been an incredibly rewarding few weeks on Gotland through dynamic and critical discussions with researchers from other fields, laying the groundwork for future collaborations, offering several lectures for students and faculty, and making great progress on my dissertation. I have really appreciated being part of such a collaborative and engaging research environment.

Simona Bravaglieri

Hello Simona Bravaglieri! Please tell us more about you and what you are doing at our department.

I am a PhD Candidate at Politecnico di Milano, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies. My research focuses on the built environment and cultural heritage in post-conflict and catastrophe areas. During my PhD in Preservation of Architectural Heritage, I am studying how the Cold War decommissioned military sites in Italy can become part of our heritage, comparing this process with the UK and Sweden. I collaborate with Mattias Legnér and have been invited through the guest programme supported by Sustainable Heritage Research Forum. Staying on Gotland is always very inspiring, a good opportunity for me to exchange ideas and knowledge in an interdisciplinary and creative context.

Þórný Barðadóttir

Hello Þórný Barðadóttir (Thorny Bardadottir), visiting researcher financed by Sustainable Heritage Research Forum! Tell us more about yourself and your stay on Gotland.

I work as a researcher at the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre. For the past three years I have been directing my research focus on the on-land service of cruise ships and the local tourism linked to it. I have also been investigating procedures, roles, lines of communication and decision making in the Icelandic cruise sector. Besides the overall joy of visiting Gotland, the stay has created new contacts into different fields of research as well as providing great opportunity to learn about the cruise procedures here after the building of the new cruise pier. Hope to be back soon!

Andrea Luciani

Hello Andrea Luciani, visiting researcher within the Sustainable Heritage research forum! How are you and what are you doing here?

I’m happy to be back in Visby after I spent 6 months in the city during my PhD in 2011! During my visit I will give a lecture on heritage and resilience and I will talk about how historic built environments are coping with dramatic changes in Region Norrbotten, where I live now.