Sustainable Heritage Research Forum is in a phase of starting up. This page will therefor gradually grow bigger.

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Planned activities

Samtal om (eng. Talk about)

Samtal om is an open arrangement that SuHRF organise a few times a year. The purpose is to reach out to the public.

Sustainable Heritage Seminar

Sustainable Heritage Seminar is SuHRF's seminar series for researchers and students at Campus Gotland as well as organisations and authorities outside the university.


Once a year, SuHRF organises an international symposium. 2019´s SuHRF Symposium will take place on the 5th of December at Campus Gotland. More info about this will be presented soon.

Visiting researchers / PhD students

SuHRF is financing a number of visiting researchers and visiting PhD students each year. They are given the opportunity to work on Campus Gotland for a period of time. The visiting scholars are contributing to the scientific environment by giving seminars and lectures as well as developing new research projects. Check out our news feed to see what´s planned right now.

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Workshops and seminars

A workshop focused on research applications is organised each semester. It gives the opportunity to discuss joint applications, examine application texts and exchange experiences. Seminars are a way for researchers and actors within organisations outside the university to meet, be inspired and discuss new findings, relevance and possible collaboration. As a researcher, you can apply for funding to organise workshops and seminars.

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