Konferenser och workshops - 2019

December 2019:
Workshop 13 december för studenter och lärare på masterprogrammet Hållbar Destinationsutveckling samt för forskare inom Hållbara besök. Swedesd arrangerade inom ramen för uppdraget ESD Learning Lab. Workshopen ägnades åt det globala hållbarhetsmålet nr 17 och hölls på Campus Gotland.

September 2019:
Sustainable tourism development is key to keeping the delicate balance between the economic benefits of the growing industry, improving the life quality of the local residents, and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the tourist destinations. This means viable tourism from a wide range of factors including nature, culture, and architecture, but also from a perspective that takes the local population, local and regional business and the visitors experience into account as well. In the new digital era, the aim of the conference was to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from both the industry and the academia to share their newest research findings and results.

Sustainable tourism in the digitial world” was an international conference arranged between 24-25 of September by the project The project Sustainable visits - between the map and tourists reality in collaboration with the research network NECTAR, cluster 5.

At a workshop on September 26th, local entrepreneurs on Gotland as well as actors who work at a more general level with cruise travelers discussed different challenges together with the international researchers from the conference. The aim was to collaborate in a service design-inspired process. The purpose was to provide support for Gotland to offer activities and events outside Visby to the cruise tourists.

Sponsors of the conference and workshop were:


Maj 2019:
Forskarseminarium måndag 6 maj 2019. Fem av de sex projekt som ansökte om finansiering under hösten 2018 presenterades och diskuterades. Ilan Kelman lektor i Risk, Resilience and Global Health, vid University College London, England och professor vid universitet i Agder, Kristiansand, Norge, var inbjuden gäst till seminariet.

Workshop with SWEDESD 6 - 7 December 2018

A workshop took part 6-7 December 2018 at the Gotland Museum. SWEDESD was organizer as part of their new mission "ESD Learning Lab".

The first day was for researchers and we discussed our own research projects in relation to the 17 global sustainability goals.

The second day, a creative meeting between researchers and students with teachers from our own master's programme, Sustainable Destination Development, still with sustainability goals in mind. We worked groupwise to exemplify "sustainability seeds" that are able to grow strong. Many suggestions came up. What would happen to Gotland if what we proposed would be the usual way of living? We had a good help from the SDGs In Action app, which can easily be downloaded. We are looking forward to continued cooperation with SWEDESD.

Seminar December 2017: Tour Guiding and Sustainability: Filling the Gaps.

Uppsala University - Campus Gotland and the research programme Sustainable Visits had a 2-day multidisciplinary seminar on Tour Guiding and Sustainability with guests from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.

Programme for "Tour Guiding and Sustainability: Filling the Gaps (pdf)

Photos from Tour Guiding and Sustainability: Filling the Gaps

Attendees were very engaged and kept our panellists (Owe Ronström, Uppsala University and Noel Salazar, University of Leuven, Belgium) busy with plenty of interesting questions.

Professor Noel Salazar (University of Leuven, Belgium) presented on resistance vs. resilience in tour guiding.

Tour guides from Gotland and Stockholm brought to the table many interesting issues. Panelists: Owe Ronström Uppsala University, Reidar Mykletun, University of Stavanger, Inga Andersen tour guide Denmark, and Jane Widtfeldt Meged University of Roskilde, Denmark.

Inga Andersen, one of our invited speakers from  Denmark, enjoying the view.

Consuelo Griggio conference organizer, Uppsala University having fika with Hans Gelter Guide Natura and former Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.

Hans Gelter Guide Natura and former Luleå University of Technology, Sweden presented on the transmodern guide and sustainability.

Owe Ronström Uppsala University talked about the spaces and roles inhabited by tour guides, in particular on interface, exformation, and the Hermes’ dilemma.

Inga Andersen tour guide, Denmark talked about the multisensorial ways tour guides can foster sustainability.

Open discussions. Panelists: Owe Ronström Uppsala University, Noel Salazar University of Leuven, Belgium and Hans Gelter Luleå University of Technology and Guide Natura, Sweden.
Jane Widfeldt Meged University of Roskilde, Denmark presented her research on the challenges facing the tour guide profession in the next future.
Panelists Owe Ronström Uppsala University, Reidar Mykletun University of Stavanger, Norway Inga Andersen tour guide, Danmark, and Jane Widfeldt Meged University of Roskilde Danmark.
An engaging panel with Consuelo Griggio and Owe Ronström Uppsala University and Dineke Koerts University of Breda, The Netherlands.

Presentations on Youtube from Tour Guiding and Sustainability: Filling the Gaps

Presentations (pptx and pdf files) from Tour Guiding and Sustainability: Filling the Gaps

Presentation October 2017

During ”Visbydagen”, the annual celebration of Visby as a World Heritage site, the historian Åke Sandström presented his and his colleague’s Michael Scholz (both at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland) research on the history of tourism in Gotland.  

Presentation (pdf)

Seminar May 2017

Seminar with lectures on cruise ship tourism by Svein Larsen, University of Bergen, Norway, and on tourism and heritage by Katia Basili, World Heritage coordinator in Venice, Italy, followed by discussions around strategies for sustainable tourism and destination development for the World Heritage site Hansestaden and the island of Gotland.

September 2016: Sustainable Visits, symposium nr 2.

A two-day symposium with presentations by researchers in the program, and with keynotes by Tomas Hylland Eriksen, anthropologist, University of Oslo, and Eddy Nehls, ethnologist, University College West (Högskolan Väst).

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