Collaboration within Sustainable Visits

Our ambition is to work in close collaboration with local and regional businesses, government agencies and representatives of our civil society in general. Therefore we currently engage in several collaborative activities.

One such activity is upholding an arena to facilitate knowledge and dialogue between academia, industry, government and civil society. Here we repeatedly arrange open seminars & workshops concerning different facets of sustainability and destination development. We will together with industry and local government agencies develop what is intended to be a annual knowledge and experience workshop-fair focusing particularly on sustainability and destination development.

The Sustainable Visits Program participates in collaborative projects that include both Academia and other stakeholders. For instance, we have initiated joint projects with some local government agencies and business organisations. The aim is to produce new knowledge and innovative sustainable solutions to be applied to the hospitality industry and related businesses.  We are  currently developing long-term collaborations to facilitate entrepreneurship and business development projects with students and partners from the hospitality industry on Gotland. We are also pursuing joint investigations in order to provide research-grounded calculations of economic leakage and economic-, environmental- and social footprints related to the hospitality industry. We are also about to start a collaboration project in order to establish a sound governance-model with the goal to create a heedful and sustainable development of the sport fishing business on Gotland.

We are currently launching collaborations with other universities as well as with Science Park GotlandRegion Gotland, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) among others.