Searching for Sustainability 2022

A cross-disciplinary 3-day event for connection, care and learning among teachers and incoming sustainability students.

We are happy to be able to host this three-day interdisciplinary event for the many sustainability programmes on Uppsala University Campus Gotland. This is the fourth time several departments on Campus join forces and together organise these introductory days to create a space to meet across disciplines  in tackling the wicked sustainability challenges facing us today. The aim is to establish a space for collaborative, creative, and critical learning. The intention is to start a process which will encourage and enable new relationships and opportunities in the continuation of the individual studies and programmes.

The first day aims at connecting and getting to know each other better across disciplines. First, the different sustainability programmes will be introduce themselves. Thereafter there is a keynote by Isabel Rimanoczy. She is an author and an academic with focus on Sustainability Mindsets by creating a safe space for individuals to explore the deeper questions of their environment that are meant to inspire a transformative learning process among the students and educators involved.

The second day is dedicated to an excursion on Gotland where we visit organisations, nature reserves and local communities encouraging local engagement, but with the lens of global issues. Here we will explore different methods and morals towards sustainability.

The third day open up to experiment with various transformative learning and sustainability activities in cross-disciplinary groups to bring the discussion to a deeper level. The afternoon invites to a private art-based learning experience on Campus Gotland, followed by a BBQ from a local producer (vegan) and mingling by the sea (if the weather allows).

Five programmes and a course package are involved and planning this initiative and the event is open for their students only.


Wednesday, 7 September

13.00-14.00 Introduction and program presentations (room B51)
14.00-14.30 Fika/mingle (room B51)
14.30-15.30 Key-note speaker: Isabel Rimanoczy, convener of the UN PRME working group of Sustainability Mindset and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) (Virtual) (room B51)
More information about Isabel Rimanoczy
15.40-16.15 Discussions (room B51)
16.15-16.30 Information about the excursion and rapping up (room B51)

Thursday, 8 September

Excursion. The group will be divided into three smaller groups and do the activities on different times

8.30-15.30 Eco-village (Excursion), Östergarnslandet (Excursion), Meditation at Herrvik (Excursion)

Friday, 9 September        

09.00-15.00 Transformative learning workshops

Climate change-stakeholder-role-play
Workshop leader: Oleksandra Khalaim (room B22/B23)

Transformative engagement methods
Workshop leader: Lovísa Eiríksdóttir (room B22/B23)

Sustainability initiatives on Campus Gotland.
Leader: Fie Broker-Bulling (room B22/B23)

16.00 -  BBQ by the sea and art-based learning experience


Last modified: 2022-09-08