Master's Programme in Sustainable Management

Academic year 2022/2023

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The Master's Programme in Sustainable Management prepares you to work with sustainability in your future career. Through in-depth studies where organisational issues are put in greater context, you will learn how you can lead organisations in contributing to a more sustainable world. With a strong focus on core academic practices, such as reading and writing, the programme also provides a good foundation for continuing onto doctoral studies.

You will study at Uppsala University's Campus Gotland, located in Visby on the island of Gotland. The island is in the Baltic Sea between the mainland of Sweden and the Baltic States.

Why this programme?

The Master's Programme in Sustainable Management is designed for you who are dedicated to question around sustainability in society and business. With a clear focus on the critical and creative mind-set, you and your fellow students and the faculty members will explore what it means to manage organisations sustainably.

During the programme you can expect to

  • Be a part of a diverse group of students, offering you the benefit of different perspectives in the classroom.
  • Develop close relationships with faculty members who share your passion for interrogating critical sustainability issues.
  • Meet previous students from the active alumni association "United for Sustainability".
  • Enjoy the inspiring and unique environment of Campus Gotland in the historic city of Visby, Sweden.
The programme is hosted by the Department of Business Studies that is home to researchers who lead their fields in several areas of research. You'll also benefit from Sweden's outstanding reputation for innovation and social responsibility - values that inform all of our Master's programmes.

Student profile
The students we attract:
  • have different disciplinary backgrounds
  • come from different parts of the world
  • are engaged in sustainability.


The programme leads to a Master of Science in Business and Economics (60 credits) with Business Studies as the main field of study.


The first semester of the programme you will take four courses designed to give you a broad understanding of issues related to sustainable management. Topics include:

  • ethics in relation to nature, business and sustainability
  • innovation and regional development
  • the role of the institutional setting in sustainable management
  • human geography and natural resources.
In the second semester, you start with two courses that prepare you for your Master's thesis. They are a course in scientific research methods and a course in responsible reading and writing. Both these courses are highly driven by your interest in relation to sustainability.

The final period of the programme will be entirely devoted to your Master's thesis and related seminars.

The programme ends with the Sustainability Symposium where you present your Master's thesis for a public audience and thereafter an alumni event where current students meet with graduated students to build network and learn across student groups.

Courses within the programme

See outline for courses within the programme.

Learning experience

The Master's Programme in Sustainable Management offers a collaborative learning environment, with the instructor often serving as a leader of discussion rather than a lecturer. You will benefit from small class sizes and a variety of teaching methods including seminars, lectures, debates, panels and discussion forums. The format and contents of your courses are defined by each instructor's research, interests and personality as well as those of you and your fellow students.

You will study at Uppsala University's Campus Gotland, located in Visby on the island of Gotland. The island is in the Baltic Sea between the mainland of Sweden and the Baltic States. Campus Gotland's educational environment is characterised by the close professional relationships between professors and students.

Campus Gotland has a strong focus on sustainability. The campus offers unique possibilities for cooperation, networking and learning across a wide range of different international Master's programmes focused on issues related to sustainability, research centres and dedicated researchers.

Campus Gotland is small, and since students and teachers work together in creating knowledge and inspire one another, it is crucial that you are engaged in your studies and take part in on-campus activities.

All courses in the programme are taught in English.

Faculty and research
Faculty members in the programme in Sustainable Management are dedicated to help you develop by supporting your strengths and by providing you with an advanced level of research-based education. Uppsala University has a long tradition of high-quality research in the fields of management and sustainability, and our Department of Business Studies is part of a national network that attracts researchers from academic institutions across Sweden to pursue their doctoral degrees.


With a Master's degree in Sustainable Management, you will be well prepared for a successful career in both the private and public sector, in local and international context. You may choose to help ensure a company's accountability by leading strategy development, or work as an analyst of the social and environmental effects of business.

The Alumni Network, consisting of previous students from the programme, is a supportive group that facilitates connections around the globe. Previous students work with sustainability issues in private organisations (such as Adidas and IKEA), non-profit organisations (such as Alberta Ecotrust Foundation and Atmosfair), consultancy company (such as PwC and SAP), and in support agencies (such as Chamber of Commerce), to name a few.

The programme promotes critical thinking and helps you develop into a responsible future leader - whether you choose a role within an organisation, start your own business, or continue your academic career.

Career support
During your time as a student, UU Careers offers support and guidance. You have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities and events that will prepare you for your future career. Learn more about UU Careers.


Please note that this information applies to the international admissions round only.

Below you will find the details about eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and tuition fees. For information on how to apply and what documents you need to submit, check the application guide. For this programme, besides the general supporting documents that you must submit, you can also submit one programme-specific document: a GMAT test result.

A GMAT test result is not mandatory. If you choose to submit it, you need to submit a copy of your GMAT test result at Additionally, you also need to send a digital copy of the Official Score Report directly to Uppsala University. If you apply for more than one programme at Uppsala University, only one Report is needed. It may take up to a couple of weeks for the Report to reach us. The last day to send in supporting documents is also the deadline for us to receive the Reports. Please plan ahead and send your Report in time. We will only look at your GMAT total score. The test result must not be older than five years on the last day of application.

Applicants who do not hold a Bachelor's degree, but are registered for the last semester of a programme leading to such a degree, shall submit an official document from your current university stating a date of expected graduation and courses remaining before the application deadline of the Master's programme.

Detailed instructions can be found on

The entry requirements (Degree Certificate and Transcript of Records) must be validated when the semester starts.

Master's Programme in Sustainable Management

60 credits

Autumn 2022, 100%, Campus

Location: Visby

Application deadline: 17 January 2022

Application code: UU-M2126 Application

Language of instruction: English

Academic requirements
A Bachelor's degree, equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen, from an internationally recognised university.

Language requirements
Proficiency in English equivalent to the Swedish upper secondary course English 6. This requirement can be met either by achieving the required score on an internationally recognised test, or by previous upper secondary or university studies in some countries. Detailed instructions on how to provide evidence of your English proficiency are available at

Selection: Students are selected based on:

  1. GMAT test result
  2. Higher education credits (maximum 285 credits)
Students with a GMAT test result have priority.
Tuition fee-paying students and non-paying students are admitted on the same grounds but in different selection groups.


If you are not a citizen of a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, you are required to pay application and tuition fees. Fees cover application and tuition only and do not cover accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living. Read more about fees.

Application fee: SEK 900

Tuition fee, first semester: SEK 50,000

Tuition fee, total: SEK 100,000

Contact and further resources

Is this programme right for you?


Study Counsellor

Programme director Fredrik Sjöstrand

For admissions-related or general information, please contact our applicant support team:

Department of Business Studies

Ekonomikum Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, ingång C 751 20 UPPSALA

Box 513, 751 20 UPPSALA

018-471 1976

Programme start and registration

Program start w35 2022

Registration for admitted students
Registration is done in Ladok, during the period 29 July - 22 August. You can see if your registration has been successful in Ladok.

Registration for students admitted with conditions
Registration is done in two steps:
1. You state that you intend to register by e-mailing, no later than 22 August.

2. You prove that you fulfil the requirements by sending an e-mail to with a certificate showing that you fulfil the
eligibility, no later than 29 August 08 AM. Please remember to include your name, personal ID number and the course/programme.

Information for reserves
When vacancies to our courses appear, reserves are contacted via e-mail, and the e-mail will contain information on the last day to reply to the offer and what you have to do to accept.