A glance at the Campus Gotland student community

Some of our current and previous students have produced a couple of 1-2 minutes long videos to give you a peek into what is awaiting you once you become a part of the Campus Gotland student community. 

A tour through town to and through Campus Gotland

Two examples of student accommodation in Visby

A student’s favourite places in Visby

Welcome activites by the Student Union Rindi

Gotland's Student Union Rindi has a tradition of welcoming activities in the beginning of the autumn semester called the Lamning, here is a glance from it.

Activites at the Student union Rindi

The guild masters of the Student Union Rindi present their activities.

About the studies

Campus Gotland has also produced a couple of short videos that may show as examples of what awaits you in your planned studies, when it comes to teaching methods and the study environment in Visby and Gotland.

Student voices about studying at Campus Gotland

Sustainability students on workshop trip to southern Gotland

Game design students about studying at Campus Gotland

A day in the life of a student...

Every year the international recruiting team at Uppsala University asks a couple of current students to film a day in their student life. Here is a selection of videos produced by Campus Gotland students.

Mehdi Mohamadi from Iran

Ana Laura Martínez from Mexico 

Welcoming and tours on campus, Visby, and Gotland

A quick guide to Campus Gotland – a tour around the premises

Official welcome greeting to new students – autumn 2020

Mikael Norrby on Gotland

In four different films, the university guide Mikael Norrby showcases glimpses from the Campus Gotland premises as well as some historic and present settings from Visby and Gotland. The films were made in September 2020. Join the Norrby tours in the playlist below!

Official welcome greeting to new students – autumn 2021

Study and live in Visby

Welcome to Uppsala University - Campus Gotland! As a student here you will get the best of two worlds. Study and live in Visby.

Last modified: 2022-05-10