Working conditions and equal opportunities

Everyone at the university has a shared interest in and responsibility for a good study environment. At Uppsala University, there is zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Our work with equal opportunities is therefore carried out systematically and should comprise an integral part of our operations.

                   Who can I turn to?

Who can I turn to?

What support is available?

There are many people at your university department who can offer you assistance, for example, study counsellors, course or programme coordinators, director of studies or head of department. Check this page if you are unsure about which department you belong to.

Overall support from the University

If you have questions about the university's work for equal opportunities, you can contact the coordinator for equal opportunities. There are also equal opportunities specialists at Uppsala University who promote the work for equal opportunities and against discrimination for students and staff. Furthermore, there are study and career counsellors, as well as safety representatives, coordinator for students with disabilities, and legal officers. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, the Student Health Centre can assist you in times of need.

If you feel you have been graded unfairly

If you feel like the grading has been unfairly done you can ask the examiner to reconsider your grade. If you still, after the reassessment, find the grading unfairly done you can turn to the ombudsman for grading issues.

Support from student unions

All the student unions have student liaison officers who work with advice and support to students in work environment and study-related issues.

Beside the student liaison officers there are also student and PhD student ombudsmen and safety representatives. A student and PhD ombudsman can inform you on the rules and rights that apply at the university and provide advice and assistance to resolve problems related to your studies. The safety representatives work as work environment representatives for students, and you can contact them if there is something that does not work in the physical study environment.

Student unions