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The university will provide good conditions for learning and development of courses and programmes. Your role as a student is to take advantage of the opportunities provided.

What is a course evaluation?

All students receive at the end of a course the opportunity to give their views on the course. These comments are valuable for teachers and education professionals, and you as a student enables the university to make the changes and developments needed to improve the course.
Guidelines for course evaluations

What is a ombudsman for grading issues?

Any student who feels they have been graded unfairly can turn to the university’s ombudsman for grading issues. This also applies to students who believe an assessment procedure was poorly executed.


In order to sit an exam you must register through the Ladok. The registration procedures can differ between the departments. The administration of all formal written examinations is conducted by anonymous methods. Read more about examination.

What is cheating?

It is considered cheating if you use prohibited aids during an examination. Plagiarizing material or essay writing is also considered cheating. If you are accused of cheating a studentombudsman from the student union can offer assistance and support in the process.

Is it possible to make a brake during my studies?

If you need to make a break during your studies, you must apply for an academic leave of absence to have a guaranteed place on the programme after the break.


Who can I turn to?

Last modified: 2023-09-15