Recycling at Campus Gotland

Återvinning på Campus Gotland

Students, staff and visitors at Campus Gotland are asked to put and sort their waste at any of our 17 recycle stations located in all our buildings (A-, B-, C-, D-, E-, and F-building).

Every time you bring a package or a paper to a recycle station, something magical is happening. The old cap can be used in the production of sheet metal for a car body. Yesterday’s magazine will be tomorrows reading. The resources of nature are being reused and a huge amount of energy is saved. By doing this, we all contribute to a better world to live in.

.. in order to increase the reuse of materials, we have removed the bins in the classrooms. Please use our recycle stations instead!

Sustainable consumption

Sweden is good at recycling, and is improving! At the same time, the level of consumption is increasing and the waste accumulating. This means that recycling is not good enough, we need to step down on the waste hierarchy and reduce the rubbish by lower the lever of consumption.
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Source: Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC)

The Waste Hierarchy
  • Reduce – Do you really need to buy it? Avoid unnecessary rubbish and save some money.
  • Reuse - Before you throw it, think. Is there any other way you can use it?
  • Recycle as much as possible when you have reduced and reused.

How to recycle

Waste paper

Newspapers, magazines, advertising material, catalogues, brochures, writing/drawing paper

Envelopes and hardbacks are put in Residuals. Paperbags, cardboards, etc in Paper packaging.

Leftover food - fruit - vegetables - egg shell - coffee grounds and filter - teabags - uncolored kitchen paper and serviettes - takeaway cups from the restaurant
Paper packaging

Pasta/milk/juice package - paper bags- cardboard box - toilet paper tube

Flatten and fold. Put smaller packages in larger. Envelopes are put in Residuals. Newspapers, magazines and advertising material in Waste paper.
Returflaskor och burkar
Returnable cans/PET bottles

Cans - bottles

All cans and bottles with a "pant" symbol can be handed in at supermarkets for a deposit.

Bottles - cans - broken glass

Remove caps, tops and corks and recycle them accordingly. Cans and bottles with a "pant" symbol are put in Returnable cans/PET bottles.
Metal packaging

Tin cans - spray-paint canisters - lids - tops - aluminium foil - tubes

Retunable cans are put in Returnables can/PET bottles.
Plastic packaging

Bottles - cans - plastic bags - refils - tubes - lids - bags of chips - frigolit - styrofoam

Remove lids and tops. Bottles with "pant" symbol are put in Returnable cans/PET bottles.


Any types of batteries                                                                                  

Any product with a cord/battery - electronic parts

Electronics must not be put in Residuals.

Hard backs - covers - envelopes - colored paper - CD - OH-film - post-it - broken porcelain - plastic cutlery - dishcloth - snuff - ropes - candles

Do you need to recycle larger objects? Go to the Recycling center located here!