When contacting the Language Workshop to make an appointment you should specify what it is you want help with, what type of assignment you are working on, and what subject you are studying.

In order to prepare for the meeting, the tutor will need your text at least 24 hours before the consultation. Please let us know there is anything you find especially difficult. Before visiting us,

  • think about what it is you want help with, and if there are specific questions you would like to ask
  • read through the instructions for the assignment (if possible, email them to your tutor beforehand or bring them to the meeting)
  • email your text to your tutor no less than 24 hours before your meeting.

What happens at the consultation?

At the Language Workshop, we do not read entire texts and we do not proofread texts. We select one or more sections from your text and provide feedback on those parts. If you want to, you may suggest a section that the tutor should read. We never provide feedback on the content of your text. Our focus will be on the structure, language and the writing process.

Literature about writing

Good to know

We cannot do everything

Occasionally, your visit to the Language Workshop may result in us advising you to seek help elsewhere. We may, for example, advice you to take a course or tell you about a book that you could benefit from.

We do not grade student work

The Language Workshop never grades texts, and we cannot tell you whether your text would pass or fail an examination. That task belongs to your department only. Our role is to support you in the development of your written or oral proficiency.

No text yet?

You are welcome to visit the Language Workshop even if you have just started working on your assignment. Maybe you need some help getting started or want to discuss the overall structure?

We can help you with
  • getting started/writer’s block
  • style
  • structure and disposition
  • sentence structure