Eduroam = wireless network at Campus Gotland

Eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide service developed for the international research and education community.

Employees and students at Uppsala University can use the wireless network eduroam as long as they have a valid account at Uppsala University.

You need password B to be able to use eduroam

Your computer must be in a location where it is possible to access the wireless network in order to set up eduroam. You will need your user identity and password B at Uppsala University.

You can set up Password B by yourself, if you do not already have one. Visit the website User profile and create password B.

Connect to eduroam

When you have your password B, you'll need to make some settings to connect to eduroam with your computer, smartphone or tablet. See guides below:

Eduroam outside Uppsala University

Students and staff from Uppsala University can use this wireless connectivity when visiting other universities or other "hotspots" where eduroam is accessible.

Other wireless networks

UU-Guest is the network for temporary guests - a WiFi that gives you internet access for 24 hours. Guests need a mobile phone to which we can send, by text message, username and password. After 24 hours, the guest can require a new account the same way. Read about how to connect to UU-Guest.

Do not use the network Campus Gotland

When you wish to connect your portable computer, e-book reader or smartphone, the alternative “Campus Gotland” appears alongside “eduroam”. The network “Campus Gotland” is used as a guest network for external visitors to the campus; when we have conferences, for example. Staff who wish to create a guest account can do so here.

Last modified: 2021-08-17