Studying full time, living in a new place, getting to know new people, perhaps living away from home for the first time, keeping in touch with family and friends, working to earn extra money, training, cooking, having some time to yourself, wondering whether you have chosen the right degree, maybe falling in love . . .

These are some of things which might be involved in being a student. It might be fun, of course, but many also find it stressful. It takes some time to adjust to student life. And just when you have got used to all the routines, exam time comes around and the word stress takes on a whole new meaning

Various kinds of stress

Positive stress makes you focused, constructive, motivated. However, long-lasting stress where you feel as if you cannot live up to the expectations that you, others around you or the school/college have of you can be paralysing and destructive.

Some helpful tips to prevent stress:

  • Make sure that your days and study techniques are well planned.
  • Allow yourself to relax and take time off from your studies sometimes.  Do things that make you feel good. ‘Recharge your batteries’.
  • Learn to say ‘no’ and to set boundaries. Practise on simple things first.
  • When things stress you, consider whether there is anything you can change in your life to minimise stress, or whether there are things you quite simply have to learn to deal with.
  • Appropriate and regular sleeping, eating and exercise routines reduce stress.

Do not hesitate to contact Student Health Service if you need advice or help.