Finishing a discontinued course

For courses that have been discontinued or have undergone major changes, three opportunities to take an examination during a time period that extend over three semesters is offered. Below you find the courses where there is still is an opportunitie to finish through an examination. Students are personally responsible for report their interest and also finding out about changes in the contents of the course. When a course are officially closed, after these three occasions, it is no longer possible to finish the course, you find theese courses presented below.

Sign-up for examination

Please note that it is mandatory to sign up for the examination. You sign up by e-mailing 10 days before the examination takes place, unless otherwise is stated below.

Department of Business Studies Bachelor´s level

Here you will find a list of current opportunities of examination for courses that have been discontinued.


A discontinued course that has been formally closed, after three occasions of examination has been offered, and no longer is possible to finish.

The course was given for the last time in the spring semester of 2019
2FE913 Principles of Marketing, 7.5 hp

The course was given for the last time in the autumn semester of 2018
2FE918 Fundamentals of Management 7,5 hp

The course was given for the last time, autumn semester 2018
2FE990 Business Aspects on Sustainability 7,5 credits

The course was given for the last time, spring semester of 2018
2FE994 Consumer Behavior, 7,5 credits

Given for the last time, spring semester 2016
2FE988 History and Travel of Management Thoughts 15,0 credits
2FE987 Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Project Administration 15,0 credits.

Last modified: 2023-09-18