Applying for courses within your programme


If you are studying in a programme and are continuing in the programme next semester must, in many cases, apply for your courses via in the spring semesters and autumn semesters. Before and during the admission periods, you need to keep track of some dates and deadlines. To maintain your place in the programme, it is important that you complete the following three steps, before each deadline. 

1. Apply for your courses via no later than 19 April

The deadline for applying for courses for the autumn semester is 19 April. Avoid waiting until the final day, as there is usually high traffic at

You should have received information about which courses you should register for and their registration codes from your department. Some courses included in your programme may only be searchable for those registered on the study programme and you will therefore need to be logged in to as a programme student. Although you are guaranteed a place on compulsory courses within your programme, you must still apply to the courses in order to be admitted. You must also meet the entry requirements for the course.

Check your study results in My Ladok and compare them to the entry requirements in the course syllabus to ensure that you are eligible.

See the guide to registering for courses within programmes at (PDF).

2. Accept or reject via 22 July at latest

If you have been admitted to a course or been placed on the reserve list, you must accept the offer in order to retain your place. You do so by visiting My pages at, which is also where you can reject any offers for courses or reserve places that you are not interested in. The deadline for responding is 22 July 2022. Please note! If you fail to accept an offer by the deadline you will forfeit your place.

3. Register via within the period of registration

To avoid losing your place to those on the reserve list, you must register for the course. The registration period opens once the second round of admission decisions has been sent out. Please note that different courses have different registration periods and that it is your responsibility to find out what applies to your particular course. If you fail to register by the stated deadline, you may lose your place.

Last modified: 2022-09-13