Fresh air, physical exercise and daylight


Winter is dark in Sweden, especially without snow. To keep up your energy levels it is important to catch the daylight: Make sure to spend time outside during the light/sunny time of the day. Still, you might need to add some extra vitamin D (available at pharmacies and some food stores), if the sun is not shining.

There are plenty of nice parks and other scenic areas within Visby, and nearby nature trails to explore on Gotland. Why not bring a thermos with your favourite hot drink and some snacks and make a longer trip. To get you started we have put together some suggestions for indoor and outdoor activities:

In Visby's parks and green areas, there are several outdoor gyms for you who like exercise and sports or maybe just want to try. The gyms are open and free to everyone and you can work out whenever it suits you. You can find outdoor gyms in Gustavsvik, Bingeby, Tallunden, Gråbo and at Norderstrand.

More information on the outdoor gyms at the Region Gotland website (page translated by Google).

There are of course plenty of other places to explore on Gotland, especially if you have or rent a car, or if you bring your bike on the bus. A number of restaurants are open all year round in the countryside, and you are of course even more flexible if you bring a packed meal. Contact the Tourist office or check for more tips at their webpage. The County Administrative Board has a section on  nature reserves to visit, an outdoor guide, and information about the right of public access (in Swedish). 

If you want to practise your Swedish, there is also an app called 'Öppet Gotland' with opening hours for many nice destinations on the island. Öppet Gotland for Android. Öppet Gotland for iPhone.


Activities is usually good but may not be enough or perfect for you. BildAnother approach to fight loneliness in the current situation, academically and in your free time, is to talk with someone.

The Student Health Services is on holiday 23-30 December. 2-5 January, telephone counselling sessions will be available as usual here on 2,4 and 5 January. Jourhavande medmänniska is a phone service available at +46 (0)8 702 16 80, if you need to talk to someone during night-time, 21:00 – 06:00 or Jourhavande medmänniska via chat (info in Swedish only), Sunday-Tuesday, 21:00-24:00, or Jourhavande kompis (Red Cross) via chat, Monday-Friday, 18:00-21:00 and Saturday-Sunday, 14:00-17:00.

If you are experiencing severe anxiety or depression, please contact the psychiatric emergency department: at +46 0498-26 80 05. If you are unsure of who to contact, you can dial 1177 for guidance. If you are calling from a phone with a foreign number, call +46 771-11 77 00.

Last modified: 2022-12-21