Study abroad information – Spring 2021

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During the spring semester, we offer a number of information sessions that will provide information on how studies abroad and internships abroad can become part of your education at Uppsala University.

You are always welcome to contact our international officers with questions, by e-mail or by our online drop-in service. You may also book an appointment with our officer at Campus Gotland, Ms. Annika Jörnemark. During application periods we offer Extra support for questions.

On our website on studies abroad, there are clear written manuals on how to apply, and for some of the steps in the application, there are also recorded instructional videos.

In addition to this, information is presented directly to programme students upon request from programme coordinators.

General information sessions – Spring 2021

During March – April, we offer three webinars on studies abroad. Each session include a presentation followed by time for questions, or a drop-in session for one-on-one conversation with one of our officers.The information sessions are usually held in English to accommodate all students.

Please note that pre-registration is required to receive a Zoom-link to each webinar.

Link to the drop-in session will be provided during the webinars and is the same as the regular drop-in link.

Programme specific information sessions

Ask your programme coordinator to contact us to book an information session designed for your programme: Annika Jörnemark and Sandra Johansson are happy to provide an overview of exchange opportunities and financing for field studies or traineeships, depending on what each programme has requested us to focus on.
(Updates continuously).

  • Sustainable Destination Development – 14 September 11:30-12:00 on Zoom (y. 1)
  • Energy Transition – Sustainability and Leadership – 23 September 09:15-09:45 on Zoom (y. 2)
  • Conservation programmes – 28 September 16:00-16:10 on Zoom (all Bachelor's)
  • Sustainable Management – 10 February 11:15-12:00 on Zoom
  • Business studies – 24 March 10:30-10:45 on Zoom (year 1, Bach. programme)

Spring application deadlines

The application for:

  • the Erasmus Traineeship grant is open 1-15 March and 1 May-6 June, for internships starting at the earliest in mid-April or mid-June 2021 respectively.
  • the Minor Field Studies grant is open and closes 31 March for projects that can be completed no later than 15 June 2021 (extra call), and 15 April for projects that can be finished no later than 15 January 2022.
  • Exchange studies starting spring 2022 is open 15 April – 18 May 14:00.

Extra support and drop-in

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For any general och specific questions, or if you need assistance with your application, please email us, or turn to our online drop-in hours, or book an appointment. We always put in extra hours for support during application periods!

Extra drop-in: Friday 7 May, Monday 10 May, Wednesday 12 May and Monday 17 May 13:00–14:00.
Note! Support is not available Thursday – Saturday 13–15 May, due to public holidays.

Email addresses for questions about...

Please go to section "Contact us" for other contact information details.

Contact us

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The Unit for International Mobility is responsible for Uppsala University’s student exchanges and for guidance about studies abroad.

Drop-in online during semesters, with the exception of public holidays, on Tuesdays and Thursdays 13:00–14:00.
Extra drop-in: Friday 7 May, Monday 10 May, Wednesday 12 May and Monday 17 May 13:00–14:00.

To drop-in

Due to the Covid19 outbreak all drop-in hours have moved online to Zoom. Please log in using your student account (read more about logging in to Zoom with your student account). When you enter the Zoom meeting you will be placed in the waiting room until it is your turn. In the meeting you may use audio and video if you like but may also use the chat function.

30 minutes appointment with international officer Ms Annika Jörnemark is offered mainly during application periods:
Check available times and book a meeting.


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