Good to know on Campus Gotland

On this page we have attempted to bring together all the practical information of importance to you as a student at Campus Gotland If you find something lacking you are welcome to contact web editor Dag Lanestedt:

Access cards

Campus Gotland's premises are open around the clock, however before 7.30 and after 17.00 you will need a key card to get in. You will also need a key card to enter any of the computer rooms or to make copies. Proceed to the reception in order to obtain your key card. This card is personal and may not be given to anyone else. More information about the Campus card.


In Visby there are both student flats and cosy private accommodation alternatives which can be leased during the academic year. Read more about student accommodation in Visby.


Uppsala University – Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3, S-621 67 Visby
Tel: + 46 498 - 10 82 00 and fax +46 498 - 10 84 95


Animals are not permitted on the University premises.


Tel: 0498-10 82 13. Reporting of faults occurring on the premises:

Computer rooms

2 computer rooms are available to all students (although may be booked for teaching).

  • B36: Located on Level 3 in the main building, on the right when one comes up the stairs (or on the left seen from the lift).
  • E46: Located on Level 4 above the Almedalen Library.

More information on computer rooms at Campus Gotland.

Contacting staff at Campus Gotland by e-mail

Certain functions have their own email addresses that you should use when you know where to turn for help or information. On our contact page for functions you will find most function addresses and other contact details.

There is, moreover, a contact page for all personnel at Campus Gotland.

Copying and printouts

Hopefully, you will have collected a key card in the reception. Besides needing it for admittance to Campus Gotland premises outside office hours, you will also need it for making copies/printouts.

More information about printers.


There are defibrillators at the following three places:

Degree certification

If you have any questions concerning degrees and diplomas, please contact the Degree Administrator, Marianne Thorén:

E-mail: marianne.thoré
Tel: + 46 498 10 82 37

First Aid dressing

First aid dressings are available at the reception area on level 1 in the main building (house B).

Food and drink in university rooms

It is not allowed to take drinks or food of any description into the lecture halls and rooms except during written examinations. There is a place to eat the food you have brought with you in building D (Betty Pettersson House). Here you will also find several microwave ovens, fridges and a kitchen sink.

Group study rooms

Group study rooms can be booked at the reception on level 1. There are also bookable group study rooms at the library. Read more about group study rooms.

Identity verification

Students must be able to verify their identity at the request of Campus Gotland staff or the security personnel.


Don't forget to check that your health insurance from home covers any costs that may arise. Read about medical insurance and health care in Sweden at

Language Workshop

Are you having trouble structuring a paper? Do you want some feedback on the language in your oral presentation? If so, the Language Workshop can help you.


The Almedalen Library (Almedalsbiblioteket) is a combined university and public library. The library has a group study room, computer room, silent reading rooms and places to study, both with and without computers. More about the library. In the library foyer there is also a café.

Notice boards

If you wish to put up a notice of your own it must be dated and have your name on it. The notice board for the Rindi Student Union, subject associations, student accommodation notices and cultural events can be found on level 1 in the main building (House B), behind the reception.

There are notice boards on the ground floor in House D, on level 1 in House C (Kasernen), in the Almedalen Library on level 4 and in House F (Björkanderska).

Opening hours

Campus Gotland's premises are open around the clock, all year round. On weekdays 7.30–17.00. there is no need to use an access card since the main entrance is unlocked (7.30–16.00 during summer).


Cycles and cars are to be parked in the places indicated. The parking of vehicles in front of the entrance by the main building of the University is not allowed; this is to ensure easy access for emergency vehicles.


Uppsala University – Campus Gotland is not responsible for the distribution of post to students. Please do not, therefore, state Campus Gotland's address as your own home address.

Reading areas/study areas/silent reading rooms

Reading areas are available in the Almedalen Library. There are also a number of study venues in the main building and in building D (Betty Petterson House).

Reception opening hours

The reception is open weekdays 8.00–16.30. More information about the reception.

Your rights

At Uppsala University there are guidelines governing the working conditions of students. These include what you are entitled to regarding your physical and psychosocial working environment, syllabuses and timetables, student influence and teaching. Read the rules and learn your rights.


The restaurant on level 1 is open 8.00–16.00 during the autumn and spring semester, and 9.00–15.00 during the summer semester. 

Service failure reporting

For service failures concerning the premises, please call 0498-10 82 13 or send an email to For service failures concerning computers or networks, please call 0498-10 82 02 or contact


Smoking within Campus Gotland's premises and outside the entrances is not permitted.

Student Health Service

The Student Health Service (Studenthälsan) provides you with advice about health and simpler medical care.

More about the Student Health Service.

Student Union

Membership of the Student Union (Rindi) is not compulsory for Campus Gotland students. However, it can be very worthwhile for you to be a member of the Union in order to benefit from discounts, offers, festivities and the ability to exert student influence. The student union is your representative and is active, for example, in the following areas 

  • Exerting student influence
  • Health and safety issues
  • Accommodation information
  • Sporting activities
  • Social activities
  • Discounts

Student Union office / Student Union building: Tage Cervins gata 1, 621 56 Visby.
Tel: +46498-10 84 90

More information about Rindi Student Union.

Study guidance counselling

The study advisor provides general study guidance and information for all study programmes and courses at Campus Gotland.

Read more about the Study Guidance Counselling


Switchboard: +46 498 10 82 00


Today's teaching schedule is here.

With TimeEdit you can also find the schedule online.

Travel to and from Gotland

You can travel to Gotland either by ferry or by air. There are student discounts. More about travelling to Gotland.

User account

To use the University's computers you will need a user account. You must be registered on a course and/or programme at Uppsala University in order to get access to the computers. Please contact Student Services for more information.

Wireless network/Wifi

Within Campus Gotland the wireless network Eduroam is used – a service that offers you online connectivity in many places in Sweden and abroad. Read more about Eduroam and how to set it up on your laptop, smartphone or tablet/e-reader.

Your own e-mail address

With your student account you get a personal e-mail address where the university sends information about your studies. If you already have your own e-mail address you must forward your mail from your student account to that address. More information about your e-mail-adress.

Last modified: 2021-04-22