Applying for courses within a programme

As a programme student, you must in many cases apply for the next semester's courses via This applies to both elective and compulsory courses. Before and during the admission periods, you need to keep track of some dates and deadlines. Read on how to apply for courses within programmes.

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Campus Gotland's choirs & orchestras

Do you want to join a choir or play in a band or an orchestra?

Campus Gotland and Rindi (Gotland’s Student Union) together with GotlandsMusiken offer places in one of our two choirs, a band or even in a chamber orchestra. For free, of course. Read more about Campus Gotland’s choirs and orchestras.

University Chaplaincy in Visby

The University Chaplaincy is available for you when you need someone to talk to. The chaplaincy is open for everyone, regardless of belief, sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity.

Read more on the University Chaplaincy in Visby.

Last modified: 2023-09-20