Innovation Day 2019

Innovation Day is hosted by Uppsala University Campus Gotland and Science Park Gotland – a annual event when students will have the opportunity to participate in solving critical societal challenges.

This year, together with the public housing company GotlandsHem, we will work on their challenge to become a more attractive and impactful organization. This can include topics such as communication, property, outdoor environments and workplace improvement. For the entire day, we will work in cross-disciplinary groups where each student can contribute his or her particular expertise. The purpose to generate new ideas and approach the challenges in new ways.

GotlandsHem is wholly owned by the Municipality of Gotland. On average, one in seven Gotlandish people are living in a room or apartment of theirs. GotlandsHem's overall aim is to contribute to a safe, comfortable and inclusive society on the island.


We will be relying on a Design Thinking approach for which we will provide you an introduction and guidance on throughout the day. Design Thinking is a human centric design approach where, via interviews and observation, you can build insights around personal perspectives and situations, as well as easily create prototypes for the solutions you develop. Design Thinking is a common methodology used by companies and organizations globally.

If you are not already familiar with the method, we suggest you watch the short video below (1.50 min).

At the end of the day you will present your suggestions to one another. This will be a great opportunity to make real difference, where you will get the chance to use your knowledge and diversity to create valuable connections to the local business environment.

The event is open to all students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, across all disciplines. Breakfast and lunch is included.


WHAT: Maximum number of participants is 30, so hurry to sign up!
HOW: Sign up by mail to - no later than November 29th
WHEN: December 3rd, 09:00 - 17:00
WHERE: Science Park Gotland on the bottom floor in House D
FACEBOOK: Innovation Day 2019 on Facebook.


Ulrika Persson-Fischier
Klas Palm

Ulrika Persson-Fischier is researcher in sustainable tourism and manager of Master's programme in Sustainable Destinaion Development. Klas Palm is researcher at Department of Engineering Sciences, Industrial Engineering & Management.

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