Accomodation and travel

The ICC 2019 conference has agrements with three centrally located hotels in Visby; Strand Hotel, Solhem Hotel and Visby Prison Hostel. Please observe that you need to book them before 30 June 2019 to get the arranged conference price.

If you want to book accomodation on your own, you are of course welcome to do so.

Strand hotel

A first class hotel with a service minded staff and environmental certification. The hotel is located in the middle of the town, near the sea inside the city wall of the World Heritage town of Visby. Beautiful medieval houses and alleys in Visby surround the hotel.

Incl VAT: 1,650 SEK double room/night incl breakfast
Incl VAT: 1,275 SEK single room/night incl breakfast

Please use the code “631221” to access the reserved rooms at Strand hotel.

See webpage for more info on Strand Hotel.

Solhem Hotel

The most price worthy hotel in Visby, located outside the famous 12th century city wall in the midst of a beautiful park known as 'Palissadparken', just one step away from the city center of Visby. The beautiful harbor, the medieval town and Visby's many pubs and restaurants are all within walking distance, but not in any way interfere with the sense of calm surrounding the hotel.

Incl VAT: 1,350 SEK double room/night incl breakfast
Incl VAT: 1,100 SEK single room/night incl breakfast

Use the code “311626” to access the reserved rooms.

See webpage for more info on Solhem Hotel.

Visby Prison hostel

For those on a tighter budget or looking for an extraordinary type of accommodation there is an option in the former Visby Prison, where the last prisoner was released in 1998. The prison has been converted into a hostel. There are two fully equipped kitchens for guests and WiFi, final cleaning and luggage room is included in the price. Renting bed linen and towel is charged extra. Guests share toilets and showers in the corridor. Staying at Visby Prison Hostel guarantee you a unique experience!

Cells for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people have been reserved until June 31st , available at a first come first served basis. Prices range from 300 SEK to 800 SEK per cell and night, depending on number of person and type and number of beds in the cells.  

Use the code “IAA Gotland 2019” to access the reserved rooms.

See webpage for more info on Visby Prison Hostel.

Travel to Visby and Gotland

Travel to Gotland

Gotland is situated approximately 90 km from the Swedish mainland and 150 km from the Latvian coast.

You can travel to Gotland either by ferry or by air, and there are many departures every day. Flight time is 35–45 minutes depending on the route (and weather), and by ferry the trip takes around three hours.

Travel by ferry with Destination Gotland

If you book/buy your ticket via telephone (+46 771 22 33 00) or at the terminal (in Nynäshamn, Oskarshamn, Visby or Västervik), there will be an extra service fee. Therefore, we advice you to book/buy your ticket online via the Destination Gotland website.

Prices and booking information in English.
Preise und Buchungsinformationen auf Deutsch.

Distance from Visby Ferry Terminal to Campus Gotland (ca 800 metres)

  • Approximately 2 minutes by taxi
  • Approximately 10 minutes on foot

Travel by air with BRA and SAS

Distance from Visby Airport to Campus Gotland (ca 4.3 kilometres)

  • Approximately 10 minutes by taxi