INSTÄLLT: Gästföreläsning: How does the symbolic space of the city change during different ages and what is the process associated with it?

Gästföreläsningen med Polina Verbytska som skulle genomföras 26 november ställs in och skjuts upp på grund av sjukdom. Nytt datum och tid kommer att meddelas senare.

The city is an important and interesting object of studying social and cultural changes in Ukraine.

The purpose of the lecture, based on the theoretical and methodological provisions of social and environmental psychology, urban semiotics, communication theory and the concept of collective memory, is to analyze how different ideologies and political powers create, change and affect the physical and symbolic image of the city.

Föreläsningen äger rum via Zoom:

Prof. Polina Verbytska is a lecturer at the Department of History, Museology and Cultural Heritage at Lviv Polytechnic National University in Ukraine.

She is a member and expert of a number of international networks (Council of Europe, EUROCLIO, George Eckert Institute, ICOM, International Society for History Didactics).
Her fields of research include historical memory, cultural heritage and civic education.