Students in search for sustainability during collaborative interdisciplinary days

17 November 2022

Students walk on a pebbles beach. The sky is blue.

The connection to nature is a central theme during the introductory days in sustainability that are arranged on Gotland.

On 7-9 September, new bachelor's and master's students at Campus Gotland were invited to take part in Uppsala University ‘s introductory days called ‘Searching for Sustainability’. Approximately 100 students and ten lecturers from five different programs gathered to explore the field of sustainability from various perspectives.

The aim of the introduction days is to explore collaborative, creative, and critical learning in a safe space, and open up for new collaborations across disciplines.

This is the fourth time that the event was organised for students at Campus Gotland.

This year’s program included presentations of the sustainability programs at Campus, a keynote speech and workshops. Also, a full day excursion on Gotland took place.

Students and teachers visited the east side of the island where people have joined forces to produce local and renewable energy. The tour also made a stop in Herrvik to connect to the Gotlandic nature with walking mediation. The participants also visited Suderbyn Ecovillage where they got to learn about organic farming.

The introduction days ended with a barbeque by the boardwalk next to Campus Gotland.

Students in a classroom in front of a lecturer on a tv-screen..
On the first day, Dr. Isabel Rimanoczy gave a key note on how to accelerate change through a sustainability mindset. Her presentation took place in room B51 “Autsikten”, a climate-smart lecture hall at Campus Gotland. Photograph: Daniel Olsson
Students listening to a man in front of a water dam.
Former teacher and local resident Wolfgang Brunner explaines how the community works in order to produce renewable energy at Östergarnslandet on the east side of Gotland. The dam in the background is not only used to store water but can also provide a space for floating solar. Photograph: Daniel Olsson
A kitchen garden.
Organic farming at the Ekobyn in Västerhejde. One of the destinations for this year's edition of Searching for Sustainability. Photograph: Daniel Olsson
Lecturers and students at a barbecue. They are happy.
The event ended with a barbeque by the sea. Lovísa Eiríksdóttir, PhD candidate at the Department of Business Studies, and event coordinator, managed the grill together with Gustaf Leijonhufvud, researcher at Department of Art History. Photograph: Daniel Olsson



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