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22 June 2022

Almedalsveckans i Visby sommaren 2022

In crisis and war, authorities and other public actors, just as under normal conditions, are governed by laws and regulations. The war in Ukraine and the coronavirus pandemic have clearly shown that we must prepare against peacetime crises and wars. During Almedalen Week, we are conducting a seminar that highlights the need for a thorough review in this area. What are the needs and opportunities that exist to make the legislation useful?

On Wednesday 6 July, Olof Wilske, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Law at Uppsala University and Marika Ericson, Head of Unit at the Swedish Defence University, will participate in a seminar on the subject. 

Welcome to this interesting seminar held in D-huset, Campus Gotland on Kaserngatan 1.

The law in crises – obstacle or opportunity?

Date: July 6, 3-4 p.m.
Location: Campus Gotland, D-huset, Kaserngatan 1, "Torget"

Read more about the research collaboration on Swedish crisis preparedness - LERF

LERF (Leadership, Efficiency and Rule of Law in Peacetime Crises) is a research collaboration on Swedish peacetime crisis preparedness with a focus on constitutional, administrative law and administrative policy aspects. 

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