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The point of departure for everything we do at Blue Centre Gotland (BCG) is that water is humankind’s most vital resource. Blue Centre Gotland serves as a regional centre of excellence, gathering and disseminating information about water. Blue Centre Gotland conducts development projects, either itself or in partnership with others, and offers guidance and support for project concepts in the field of water. 

Blue Centre Gotland was established based on the results of a feasibility study. (In Swedish)

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Steering Committee and Scientific Council

The steering committee for Blue Centre Gotland plans operations and decides on how they are to be financed, as well as following up the project.

  • Olle Jansson, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for Uppsala University Campus Gotland
  • Eva Nypelius, Chairman of the Regional Council, Region Gotland
  • Anders Flanking, Governor of Gotland County.

The Blue Centre Gotland scientific council is tasked with quality assuring the project’s operations.

  • Ian Snowball, Professor at Department of Earth Sciences, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Uppsala University
  • Lars Tranvik, Professor at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Limnology, Uppsala University
  • Anna Rutgersson, Professor at Department of Earth Sciences, Program for Air, Water and Landscape Sciences; Meteorology, Uppsala University
Last modified: 2022-05-19