Blue Centre Gotland

A collaboration between Uppsala University, the County Administrative Board of Gotland and Region Gotland. We work on development issues related to water – on land, along coasts and at sea – with our focus on the island of Gotland.

Nutrient transfer from land to sea

A project to study the pros and cons of various measures being implemented in agriculture to improve water quality in the Baltic Sea.

Find out more about this project.

Growing Macroalgae Sustainably in the Baltic Sea

The aim of the Interreg project GRASS is to try out sustainable macroalgae production in the Baltic Sea. Experimental cultivation has been conducted at Ar Research Station by Blue Centre Gotland.

Business and organisations

Do you have a business idea within the water sector that you would like to develop? If so, contact Science Park Gotland, which runs an early stage business startup programme on Gotland. Blue Centre Gotland contributes its expertise and network, so that together we can make a strong offer to companies working in the water sector.

Ar Research Station

At the Ar Research Station on northern Gotland, the university conducts research in several of the issues that the Blue Centre works with. The station’s unique location between lake and sea offers good opportunities for both brackish water - and limnetic studies.

Last modified: 2022-02-28