Premises and Equipment

Ar Research Station has 640 square metres of premises, which comprise:

In addition to the facilities above, there are a number of outdoor pools adjacent to the research station. There is a wireless network (WiFi) in the station’s offices.

Temperature-controlled rooms

There are two temperature-controlled rooms at Ar: one measures 6 x 4.4 metres and the other 4 x 5 metres. The other specifications for these rooms are:

  • Temperature approx. 4-20°C
  • Benches for aquariums etc
  • Freshwater and brackish-water supplies
  • Compressed air system
  • Lighting cycle on timer.

Hatchery/heated room

Specifications for the hatchery/heated room:

  • Up to 25-30°C using a heater fan
  • Freshwater and brackish-water supplies
  • Compressed air system
  • Lighting cycle on timer
  • Space for 12 hatching troughs (215 x 40 cm) or aquariums.

Experimental hall

The following specifications apply to the experimental hall:

  • 8 tanks measuring 2 x 2 metres and 20 tanks measuring 1 x 1 metres
  • Flow-through water
  • Freshwater and brackish-water supplies
  • The tanks can be equipped with shading lids
  • Compressed air system
  • Lighting cycle on timer.


There are two laboratories at the station. The labs have fume cupboards, extractor hoods, weighing scales (0.5 g, 0.001g, 0.0001g), microscopes, stereoscopes and a drying cabinet.

Meeting room

As a "lecture hall" the meeting room can accommodate an audience of max. 20. As a meeting room, it has space for about 15 people. The room is equipped with a projector.

The kitchen

The kitchen has dining facilities for 8 people. There is a fridge/freezer, a cooker, a microwave, a table-top dishwasher, a coffee maker, a toaster and an outdoor barbecue.

Last modified: 2021-05-03