Development Programme for Campus Gotland

The programme for Campus Gotland, which will run from 2017 to 2021, supplements the University’s overall Mission and Core Values. The University’s ambition is to provide a complete academic environment at Campus Gotland, with education and research integrated in the mother university’s disciplinary domains, faculties and departments.

- We have great ambitions for Campus Gotland, in research, education and collaboration,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson. “Moreover, Campus Gotland offers particularly favourable conditions for a concentrated focus on sustainable development.

In Campus Gotland, the University’s outstanding research and educational activities have a location in the heart of the World Heritage City of Visby, with its historical and cultural values, where the University can create a unique academic environment that attracts students, teachers and researchers from all over the world.

All the disciplinary domains are represented in a small-scale setting, which means that researchers, teachers and students from various fields encounter one another and new interdisciplinary cooperation can arise. Campus Gotland will make use of the opportunities to take education and research in new and untested directions, and to develop them through new modes of operation.

The University’s activities at Campus Gotland are important for the development and renewal of Region Gotland. Equally, there is a long tradition of mutual collaboration between the higher education institution and the public and private sector. Almedalsbiblioteket (Almedalen library), run jointly with Region Gotland, is a meeting place for all of Gotland.

Campus Gotland also offers particularly favourable conditions for concentrating education and research activities with a focus on sustainable development. This applies both to existing education, research and collaboration, and to new ventures in areas such as energy, natural resources, cultural heritage, and tourism and hospitality.

Eva Åkesson

Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor

Goals for Campus Gotland

Strategies for Campus Gotland

Goals for Campus Gotland

To continue to develop Campus Gotland into a unique and outstanding education and research environment, the volume of activities on campus in Visby will increase through more on-campus students, teachers and researchers, and more developed research activities. Campus Gotland will offer an attractive range of courses and cooperation between departments that makes it possible to provide students with good options in their education. The research will have clear links to the education conducted at Campus Gotland but will also be integrated with the research environments in Uppsala. A balance will be sought between the University’s disciplinary domains to make Campus Gotland relevant for the entire University.

Educational goals:

  • The number of students taking on-campus courses will amount to at least 1,500 full-time equivalents by 2021.
  • The educational development of on-campus and distance courses will be distinguished by innovative and sustainable eLearning solutions.

Research goals:

  • Research will be reinforced by trying out and developing existing research environments and by stimulating the development of new research environments.
  • The number of researchers and visiting professors will increase.
  • The number of doctoral students will increase, for example by creating conditions for establishing a thematic research school.

Strategies for Campus Gotland

Three broad strategies will be used to achieve the goals for Campus Gotland and to contribute to the goals of Uppsala University:

1. Strengthen the conditions for multi- and cross-disciplinary activities

Campus Gotland enjoys particularly favourable conditions for strengthening multi- and cross-disciplinary research and education. Campus Gotland will:

  • encourage and prioritise initiatives in research and education with multi- and cross-disciplinary ambitions;
  • develop administrative routines and a coordinated educational structure that facilitates and supports multi- and cross-disciplinary cooperation;
  • organise activities that enable collegial exchanges between teachers and researchers from different fields.

2. Strengthen internationalisation

Campus Gotland’s small-scale and secure environment, and the proximity between students and teachers, make it well suited for programmes with an international recruitment base. The World Heritage City of Visby is an attractive venue for international scholarly meetings. Campus Gotland will:

  • develop and establish degree programmes and freestanding courses that have an international profile and use English as the language of instruction;
  • encourage and support the recruitment of international visiting researchers;
  • implement skills enhancement measures for both teaching and administrative staff with the aim of creating good conditions for the staff to work in an international environment;
  • stimulate an increase in the number of international conferences and meetings.

Internationalisation Project at Campus Gotland 2018-2019

3. Promote regional collaboration

Regional actors in the private, public and voluntary sector are particularly important partners for Campus Gotland and contribute to the University fulfilling its mission in society. Campus Gotland will:

  • establish new contacts, development projects and research and educational activities in collaboration with regional actors in Gotland and the Baltic Sea region;
  • ensure that students are offered experience of the world of work, for example through work experience and degree projects in collaboration with regional actors;
  • develop communication and interaction with the community in Gotland;
  • ensure that Almedalsbiblioteket (Almedalen library) is used for collaboration and the transmission of knowledge and academic values.