Fire safety at Campus Gotland

Fire safety on Campus Gotland

The situation and your capacity determine what order you should carry out the steps below.

In the event of a fire according to SAVE-WARN-ALERT-EXTINGUISH-EVACUATE

SAVE: - people who are in danger

WARN: others who are in danger
- Start the evacuation/fire alarm

ALERT - Call 112 and warn other people
- Say who you are and where you are calling from
- Tell them what has happened and where

EXTINGUISH: extinguish the fire! If you cannot extinguish it, you can limit the fire and spread of smoke by closing doors and windows. Do not subject yourself to unnecessary risks. Extinguishing equipment is available on every floor.

EVACUATE - through the closest exit (or emergency exit if necessary). Evacuate through the nearest stairwell, if they are blocked use the nearest emergency exit.
- use the stairs – never the lift!
- go to the respective reassembly point (see below)

Evacuation plans

Evacuation plans are on every floor on the university’s premises. Staff and students should be well familiar with these.

Especially keep in mind

  • that disabled individuals may need extra help in an evacuation
  • to not use the lifts
  • Only use emergency exits if the normal evacuation route is blocked
  • Staff (teachers) are responsible for beginning the evacuation! Through his or her authority, a teacher or staff member has a leading role in the event of a fire alarm.

Alarm types and emergency assembly points 

Buildings Alarm type Assembly point
A and B buildings Ringing bells Cramérgatan
C building Ringing bells Kallbadhuset parking area
D building Ringing bells Kallbadhuset parking area
E building Spoken alarm Almedalen
F building Short, intermittent signals Harbour in front of the building
G building Ringing bells Steps/wall opposite the building

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Important telephone numbers

Fire safety at Uppsala University

Fire safety at Uppsala University is intended to protect people, property and the environment. Protection and safety for people shall always be prioritised.

Fire safety at the university

Information on buildings on Campus

Buildings - Campus Gotland

Campus Gotland currently has premises that consist of a rented premises area of approximately 14,000 square metres. Campus consists of five large buildings all of which are gathered at Visby Harbour.

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