Room E41 - Floor 4 - E building

Room E41 has 50 seats. 

  • Three presentation screens (two front, one rear) of 86 inches.
  • Head and hand microphone for lecturers. Two portable microphones for the audience.
  • Document camera.
  • HMDI adapter for external equipment, including adapter for Displayport, mini-DisplayPort and USB-C.
  • Video conference facility with camera for lecturers and audiences.
  • Voice amplifier including hearing loop.
  • Whiteboard.

Today's schedule for E41 (TimeEdit).



Room E45 - Floor 4 - E building

Room E45 has theatre-style seating (steps) and 38 seats. There is a projector. Video conference facilities.

This room has also been adapted for holding meetings/giving lectures via Zoom. Contact local IT support at Campus Gotland (link to email address) for more information about Zoom in E45. Read about Zoom at Uppsala University. Today's schedule for E45 (TimeEdit).

Last modified: 2023-05-30