Room D13 - Floor 1 - D building

Room D13 ("the eco lab") has 30 seats. A projector is available. Today’s schedule for D13 (TimeEdit).

This room is mainly used by the university’s programmes in cultural conservation (Bachelor Programme in Building Conservation and Bachelor Programme in Objects Conservation) and biology (Bachelor Programme in Environmental Science).

Special safety regulations apply, which are posted on a placard on the door between the large lab room (D13) and the vestibule/cloak room. University’s pages on chemicals handling. Questions about procedures and regulations around the room including chemicals can be asked of Susanna Barros at the Department of Art History, Division of Conservation.

Room D24 - Floor 2 - D building

Room D24 has 40 seats. Two 75 inch monitors. Room D24 can be booked by students for group work. Today's schedule for D24 (TimeEdit).

D24 is a so called ALC classroom (ALC = Active Learning Classroom) - designed for discussion and student collaboration, with round tables to facilitate peer review and peer learning. It's not suitable for lectures.

In addition to the technical equipment above, the room is equipped with rollable chairs, 8 round tables and 4 removable writing boards.

Room D24

Room D24

Last modified: 2023-05-30