Room B24 - Floor 2 - B Building

Room B24 has 60 seats. 

  • Three presentation screens (two front, one rear) of 86 inches.
  • Head and hand microphone for lecturers. Two portable microphones for the audience.
  • Document camera.
  • HMDI adapter for external equipment, including adapter for Displayport, mini-DisplayPort and USB-C.
  • Video conference facility with camera for lecturers and audiences.
  • Voice amplifier including hearing loop.
  • Whiteboard.

Today's schedule for B24 (TimeEdit).




Room B40 - Floor 4 - B building

Starting 1 October 2020, parts of floor 4 in the B-building will be rebuilt to make room for a dedicated examination hall with 60 seats and support for digital examinations.

For digital exams with more than 60 students, rooms B22 and B23 will also be used.

The construction is expected to be completed by beginning of March 2021 and the new examination hall will be called 'Exam hall'. General sketch is shown below.


Last modified: 2021-02-11