Uppsala University solidly among top 100 universities

18 August 2015

Uppsala University maintains its position as one of the 100 best universities in the world in the latest ranking of global academic performance. In the recently published list from the Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, Uppsala University comes in at 61. In the rankings for individual subjects, UU placed highly as well. Uppsala continues to be regarded as one of the 200 top-performing universities in every subject.

The Jiao Tongu University in Shanghai annually conducts a ranking of the world’s top universities, the so-called Shanghai Ranking (ARWU – Academic Ranking of World Universities). It is one of the most prestigious and renowned rankings of global academic excellence. Out of the more than 20 000 universities in the world, the list compiles the 500 most successful.

Uppsala University is included among the 100 best-performing universities in the world, coming in at spot 61 in this year’s ranking. In the various scored categories, the University has made the largest strides in publication indications. This is in line with other bibliometric reviews, which have found that the average production of articles per employee at Uppsala University is high.

The Shanghai ranking also includes per-subject tables, and there, Uppsala University places among the top 200 universities in every subject, as in previous years. The University was scored particularly high in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy, as well as Physics, where it is ranked as one of the top 100.

The rest of the list is heavily dominated by the US, with 51 universities among the top 100, and with Harvard and Stanford taking the number one and two spots, respectively. 35 European universities also made the top 100 table, with the UK retaining the strongest presence, and both Cambridge and Oxford among the top 10. Only three Swedish universities made the top 100 – Karolinska Institutet (48), Uppsala University (61) and Stockholm University (77).

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