New collaboration in art and sustainability studies at Campus Gotland

25 January 2022

Colorful sculptures on a black floor in a dark room.

Inflatable culptures by Anne Duk Hee Jordan will be exhibited at Campus Gotland 24 February - 5 March.

Uppsala University Graduate School in Sustainability Studies (GRASS) and Baltic Art Center (BAC) have jointly launched The GRASS Visiting Fellow - Sweden's first artistic visiting fellow programme in an academic setting.

Artists with a particular focus on sustainability issues are invited, during the academic year, as visiting researchers to establish and develop new relationships and ways of working in the research environment based on their artistic practice. The aim of the GRASS Visiting Fellow-programme is to enrich the campus environment with artistic processes and experiments, field trips and exhibitions to contribute to increased curiosity, consciousness and knowledge about sustainability issues.

- The sustainability challenges require new thoughts and ideas, which in turn requires new meetings and working methods. This means that we must learn to collaborate outside the traditional disciplines, says Jenny Helin, director of the graduate school, and initiator of the new programme together with Helena Selder at the Baltic Art Center in Visby.

The GRASS visiting fellow programme started in August 2021 when artists Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) visited the graduate school for a two-day workshop with the doctoral students.

The programme is now continuing. The artists Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Pauline Doutreluingne from Germany have been invited to present the film installation “The Worm: Terrestric, Fantastic and Wet!” at Campus Gotland. The exhibition will be open during the holiday in February, when there will be guided tours for audiences. In conjunction with the exhibition, a film screening and a talk with the artists will be held at the public library Almedalsbiblioteket. Also a workshop with PhD students will be carried out.


21 February, 16:00-17:00
Film screening and discussion with Anne Dukhee Jordan and Pauline Pauline Doutreluingne at the Almedalsbiblioteket, room E22.

22 February
The artists will conduct a workshop with master's students at Södra Hällarna.

24 February, 17:00-19:00
Opening of the exhibition “The Worm: Terrestric, Fantastic and Wet!” Seminar room B13, main building Campus Gotland.

25 February - 5 March, 12:00-17:00
The exhibition “The Worm: Terrestric, Fantastic and Wet!” Seminar room B13.

Anne Duk Hee Jordan and Pauline Doutreluingne are also collaborating with BAC and the Public Art Agency on an art project based in the Södra Hällarna nature reserve in Visby. The work, entitled La Grande Bouffe, consists of a sculptural installation and a film to be presented in 2022.

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Baltic Art Center (BAC)

BAC - Baltic Art Center on Gotland is one of Sweden's most prominent art institutions and residencies for international contemporary art outside the metropolitan regions since 2001. BAC is a small-scale, locally based art organisation with an international reach, run by an artistic director (Helena Selder) and a site manager (Anna Norberg). Over the years, BAC has developed a unique programme of thematic, project-based residencies where the support for artistic research and collaborations with local actors has been at the forefront.

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Uppsala University Graduate School in Sustainability Studies (GRASS)

The multidisciplinary graduate school was established at Campus Gotland in 2021. The main mission is to conduct research based on key social challenges. The research includes subjects such as changed energy systems, sustainable consumption, destinations development.

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