Campus Gotland will have Sweden’s first net zero lecture hall

20 December 2021

Risers made out of reused pallets. Yellow painted corridor. Interior sketch.

Inspirational pictures for the new lecture hall with net zero emissions at Campus Gotland.

The renovation of hall B51 at Campus Gotland is now underway with funding from the Uppsala University Climate Pot. The new facility, which will be renamed Äutsikten, will be Sweden’s first lecture hall with net zero emissions. It is expected that the renovation will be completed by the end of March 2022.

The project will need to address a number of challenges, including how to sustainably handle non-recyclable waste and how to procure and purchase recycled materials from local sources for upcycling. The intention is to power the lecture hall using fossil-free energy sources, with the emphasis on solar energy.

Another objective for B51 is to create a green atmosphere for the teachers and students who use the hall with the aid of a new colour scheme and creatively upcycled furniture and plants.

For further information concerning the project, please contact Sara Cederlund of the Division for Common Service and Administration at or Gustaf Söder at UAF (The Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds),