We are looking for students for a film production!

12 May 2021

Uppsala University will produce a film with the aim of welcoming our new students to the start of the autumn semester. The film replaces the ceremony that we usually hold in St. Nicolai ruin. We co-operate with the production company Phosworks.

Denna sida på svenska.

We are looking for a number of students to participate in the film. We want to show the student life here on Campus Gotland and some nice places in Visby. You will get paid and at the same time gain a fun experience.

No previous experience or acting is required; we are looking for a mix of people who can represent the student body of Campus Gotland. The filming will take place for 2-3 days in week 23 (7-11 June). The work probably means half a day or a day for you.

Would you like to join? Send an email to infocampusgotland@uadm.uu.se and tell us a little about yourself, preferably together with a photo.