Are you interested in working on a project about student wellbeing?

10 November 2020

During 2021, Uppsala University will be conducting a project about student wellbeing and how the University can contribute to a better understanding of the issue.

The project is intended to illuminate the University’s work to promote the mental wellbeing of students and to ascertain whether this work can be developed in some way. Is there anything we could be doing beyond the measures we already take? Is there anything we could be handling differently? What can we learn from research in the field and how do other higher education institutions deal with the issue, both in Sweden and abroad? What do our teachers and students have to say?

We are now seeking two pilot study leaders, one a teacher and the other a student, to share the assignment beginning in January 2021. The pilot study leaders will be responsible for the operational planning and implementation of the project and for compiling the results in a report. This work comprises 25% of a full-time position.

If you are interested, please contact project coordinator Eva Söderman, head of unit at the Student Health Centre, via email to

Please submit a brief expression of interest (max. 1 A4 page) together with your curriculum vitae no later than 4 December 2020 to