SASUF Goes Digital – with a focus on sustainability challenges

5 November 2020

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The South Africa–Sweden University Forum (SASUF), a project funded by the Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT) that brings Swedish and South African higher education institutions together around sustainability issues, will hold its first digital forum on 23–27 November 2020. Sign up to participate by 20 November.

The purpose of SASUF is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration at both individual and institutional level to strengthen ties in research, education and innovation.

“This project has attracted a great deal of attention from the outset and many people want to take part, so we are pleased that the digital set-up this year will enable us to welcome even more participants during SASUF Goes Digital,” says Gustaf Cars, project manager for SASUF.

This year’s programme offers researchers and students opportunities to focus on six different topics associated with the challenges of the 2030 Agenda: climate, education, healthcare, sustainable communities, urban sustainability and IT security.

Mixed group with broad expertise

The SASUF format, in which researchers meet to discuss a sustainability challenge in a mixed group with a wide range of expertise, has proved fruitful for exchanging knowledge and ideas and enabling researchers to enhance their international networks.

“Previous participants have found valuable contacts and interfaces for cooperation, which has led to numerous new collaborations between Sweden and South Africa. One much-appreciated regular item is a workshop on funding opportunities for researchers who are keen to continue to develop a joint project idea after the forum,” says project coordinator Jake Reardon.

Sign up by 20 November to participate in SASUF Goes Digital: 2020 Edition.

SASUF (South Africa – Sweden University Forum) is a partnership between 37 Swedish and South African universities and aims to enhance cooperation between the two countries on research, education and innovation.

Johan Ahlenius