Uppsala University among Sweden’s most attractive employers

28 April 2020

The Segerstedt Building

Segerstedt Building – one of the many workplaces at Uppsala University, which recently ranked highly in a survey of the country’s most attractive employers.

Among Sweden’s 150 largest businesses and organisations, Uppsala University is ranked as the seventh most attractive employer. Among public authorities, the University is ranked number two. This is according to the annual ranking from Randstad that is based on the Employer Brand Research survey where close to 4,800 Swedes were interviewed. This year, the list is topped by furniture giant IKEA.

Each year, the Randstad Employer Brand Research survey examines what Swedes think is most important when choosing an employer. Close to 4,800 Swedes were interviewed on their views of Sweden’s largest companies. The complete list of Sweden’s most attractive employers is topped this year by Ikea, followed by Volvo Cars and Volvo Group.

This year’s survey included public authorities, and, of these, the Swedish Police was ranked first as an employer, followed by Uppsala University and the Swedish Armed Forces. Uppsala University was ranked first within the education sector, where the most important criteria were “uses the latest technology”, “good reputation” and “interesting work assignments”.
“Being an attractive employer is something we consciously work with. When employees are happy, our students receive the best possible education and our research contributes to a better world. Uppsala University is an exciting place of work and our ranking is, perhaps, also a sign that we aren’t the only ones who think so,” says Eva Åkesson, Vice-Chancellor at Uppsala University.

Three positions within the public sector

Last year, manufacturing companies dominated the top of the Randstad Employer Brand Research survey, but this year the list of top employers was more diverse. The top ten included six different industries, of which three were within the public sector: the Swedish Police (6), Uppsala University (7) and the Swedish Armed Forces (8).

Sweden’s most attractive employers 2020:

  1. IKEA
  2. Volvo Cars
  3. Volvo Group
  4. Swedish Television
  5. Swedish Radio
  6. Swedish Police
  7. Uppsala University
  8. Swedish Armed Forces
  9. WSP
  10. Ica

Most attractive employers (public authorities):

  1. Swedish Police
  2. Uppsala University
  3. Swedish Armed Forces
  4. Lund University
  5. Government Offices of Sweden


Randstad Employer Brand Research is the world’s most extensive independent survey of employer branding. The survey is conducted by Kantar TNS on assignment from Randstad. A total of 185,000 individuals in 33 countries are interviewed about their attitudes to the country’s 150 largest employers, in terms number of employees. In Sweden, a representative selection of 4,775 respondents were interviewed on what they value about an employer.