Student survey Campus Gotland 2020

23 January 2020

Uppsala university - Campus Gotland, The student Union Rindi and Region Gotland have a common ambition to improve student life in Visby.

Informationen på denna sida på svenska.

Before Christmas, we sent an email about a survey to all students reading a programme at Campus Gotland. The survey is a cooperation between Uppsala University - Campus Gotland, Region Gotland (the municipality) and the student union Rindi. Hoodie

In order for us to continuously improve student life we need to know what you students think about your studies, your accommodation and service provided by the university, the student union and Gotland municipality.

We therefore hope that you want to participate in an (anonymous) survey! It will take about ten minutes to respond. So, please check your email to answer the survey.

Ten hoodies and ten bags - both with the university´s logo, will Tote Bagbe awarded randomly chosen respondents among the students who answer the survey!

As the results are processed and analyzed, we will give feedback to all students.

Thank you for your participation!

Olle Jansson,
Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University - Campus Gotland