Sustainable development at Campus Gotland

20 February 2019

Uppsala University has a legal responsibility to support sustainable development. Campus Gotland aims at contributing to this mission by developing research, education and collaboration in the field. To present current and future sustainability activities at Campus Gotland, a new webpage has been launched.

The Swedish Higher Education Act call for higher education institutions in Sweden to promote sustainable development in the course of their operations. Also, Sweden’s Action Plan for the 2030 Agenda (2018-2020) highlight the role of universities to take action.

Today, Uppsala University offers 12 study programmes with a special focus on sustainable development at Campus Gotland. In addition, 5 major research and collaboration projects are being conducted at Campus Gotland on sustainability issues, including energy transition, destination development and management of natural resources.

- Uppsala University has an explicit ambition to develop education, research and collaboration with a special focus on sustainable development at Campus Gotland. We think that this is the best way to tackle future sustainability challenges, says Olle Jansson, adviser to the Vice-Chancellor at Campus Gotland.

Uppsala University is also funding the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Learning Lab at Campus Gotland. The Lab aims to explore interdisciplinary learning to build new knowledge on complex sustainability issues. As part of the Lab, a new course is being held to support university teachers at Campus Gotland to implement sustainability in their practice.

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