Emma Tysk: Uppsala Student of 2018

23 November 2018

Emma Tysk, Anders Malmberg and Anders Wall.

This year’s Uppsala Student of the Year Emma Tysk (centre), with Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg and financier Anders Wall.

This year’s Uppsala Student of the Year is studying in the Master Programme in Computer and Information Engineering, and also runs her own graphic design company. She is a fervent advocate of gender equality in the IT sector.

The Uppsala Student of the Year scholarship is awarded by the Anders Wall Foundation. Under the statutes, it may be awarded to students who have developed entrepreneurship connected with their education or distinguished themselves through their good, creative contributions to the University, taken part in the student union and/or student nation activities or made special efforts in support of other students.

“It’s wonderful to get the award. Above all, it’s a great honour. To me, it’s an acknowledgement that what I’ve done matters, and it gives me an energy boost for the future,” says Emma Tysk.

Like many previous award recipients, Tysk is a student with many irons in the fire. In parallel with her studies, she works both for her own company and as a consultant for TV4. As a brand manager at an IT start-up, she has worked to broaden diversity in the company's recruitment.

She is deeply committed to gender equality in the IT sector. By lecturing at schools and using social media, she seeks to break the negative stereotypes associated with programming careers. Her goal is to create a large network of students and women in IT who can travel around giving lectures and serving as role models for girls and young women. Earlier this year, she also received the “IT Woman of the Year” award from Microsoft Sweden for her efforts to attract her own sex to the sector.

“To be able to build systems for a broad target group calls for diverse approaches. Several surveys show, too, that the most successful companies are precisely those that promote diversity. Valuing it benefits us all.”

Tysk used to imagine a future career at some major IT company. Now, she is more into running her own – perhaps one that helps organisations implement digitisation processes. Today, many need assistance in this area.

What advice do you have for other students who want to get a lot done during their studies?
“Above all, be kind to yourself. You can’t do everything at the same time, and you can’t pass every exam. Say no sometimes. What has helped me during stressful periods is actually to see the studying as an eight-to-five job. But don’t stay at home: sit and study at the university, or in a café. Home should be for leisure.”

The Uppsala Student of 2018 award, consisting of a SEK 100,000 scholarship, was presented on the occasion of the Anders Wall Lecture in the Grand Auditorium of the University Main Building on 20 November.

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