Uppsala University back among top 100 in reputation ranking

4 June 2018

Uppsala University is back among the top 100 universities in the world as Times Higher Education publishes its 2018 World Reputation Ranking. Uppsala University places in the 91–100 interval.

For the eighth year running, Times Higher Education has published a ranking based solely on the reputation of the different universities. The ranking is based on a number of selected persons’ perception of universities’ repute and status – not on the universities’ activities, performance or quality. In total, more than 10,000 researchers in 138 countries have participated by listing the universities they consider world-leading in their research field.

Uppsala University is now back among the top 100, after having been off the list for two years. Karolinska Institutet is the only other Swedish university on the list, placed in the 61–70 interval. Other Nordic universities among the top 100 are the universities of Copenhagen and Helsinki, both placed in the 91–100 interval.

The US dominates the list, with 43 universities in the top 100. Harvard, MIT and Stanford top the ranking followed by Cambridge and Oxford in 4th and 5th place.

“We’re very happy every time Uppsala University is mentioned as a world-leading university. From that perspective it is great to be on this top 100 list. However, one should remember that the results of this ranking are decided by a number of selected researchers who have listed which universities they consider best in their own field, and nothing else,” says Uppsala University’s Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg.