Mental Health Week 10 October

Welcome to the Student Health Services' Mental Health Week: 10-14 October, 2022! This week is organised in connection with the annual international Mental Health Day, which is 10 October.

The Student Health Service wants you to feel good while you study. We also know that you may not always feel well and that life as a student can sometimes be challenging in many ways.

PROGRAMME MONDAY 10 OCTOBER 2022 - see below

16:30 and 18:15 - Open house and free training at Friskis&Svettis Visby
Where: Norra Hansegatan 18
What: You who are a student are welcome to try out selcted group training classes during Mental Health Week. For booking: Call 0498-211313 and provide the code: Campus vecka 41.

Monday: Jympa kl 16:30 och Spin Distans kl 18:15
Tuesday: Jympa kl 17:00 och Multifys soft kl 16:45
Wednesday: Multifys kl 11:30, Jympa soft kl 18:00 och Multifys soft kl 18:00
Thursday: Spinning kl 11:30, Multifys kl 18:00, Spin kl 18:15 och Yoga kl 19:00
Friday: Cirkelfys kl 11:30 och Jympa kl 16:30

You can find the entire selection at Friskis & Svettis's website.

All day - Open house and free training at Form Gotland
Where: Visborgsallén 33 or at Norra Hansegatan 2
What: You who are a student are welcome to try out training f for free throughout the week, gym and group training during staffed opening hours at Form Visborg and Form City. You need to show your Mecenat- or Campus card. To secure a place on the group training session, book your session at the reception or on telephone 0498-652240. ! You can find the entire selection at Form Gotland's website.

Mental Health Week is organised to draw attention to the importance of mental health and well-being. During the week, lectures, workshops and activities are offered with the aim of informing, helping, inspiring and illuminating mental health and well-being. Some events take place in Visby, some in Uppsala and some online. Read more on Mental Health week at the Student Health Services' webpage.