Workshop 2: Writing in an Academic Context

During the autumn term 2018, the Language Workshop will offer two workshops for international students at Campus Gotland. The second workshop will focus on the basics of academic writing. International students at Campus may sign up for one or both of the workshops. Both workshops are primarily intended for free-movers.*

Content: This workshop aims to provide students with basic skills of academic writing, including audience awareness, how to structure a text, and how to use secondary sources. The workshop also aims to make visible the often implicit rules and expectations of academic culture, including academic integrity and critical thinking. The focus will be on practical uses of English and students will be given practical advice on how to improve their language skills.

Target group: This workshop is primarily intended for international students on the undergraduate- and master’s levels who are so-called free movers. Students must be registered at Uppsala University in order to take the course. Exchange students and PhD students may apply for the course but will be placed on a waiting list, and offered a place in the workshop if there are vacancies at the end of the registration period.

There are no language prerequisites (apart from those necessary to be admitted to the university).

Registration: In order to sign up for this workshop, send an email to the following address: Please note that participants are signed up on a first come first served basis and that the number of participants is limited.

When signing up for workshop, please submit the following information:

-Name of the workshop you want to sign up for.
-Your own full name
-Your main field of study and what degree you are studying for.
-Your native language.
-If you are an exchange student, a freemover, or a PhD student.

Fee: There is no fee for this workshop, but only students at Uppsala University are eligible.

Teacher: Johanna McElwee,

Information about the first workshop for international students in oral communication 13 October.

* A free mover is typically a student who pays tuition or whose tuition fee is covered by a grant. However, other students could be included in this group as well. Contact us if you are not sure whether you belong to this category.