Travel to Gotland

Gotland is situated approximately 90 km from the Swedish mainland and 150 km from the Latvian coast.

You can travel to Gotland either by ferry or by air, and there are many departures every day. Flight time is 35–45 minutes depending on the route (and weather), and by ferry the trip takes around three hours.

The ferry operates the Visby–Nynäshamn and Visby–Oskarshamn routes with one or more departures each day during the winter half-year. There are up to eight departures a day during the summer half-year.

You can go by air all year round to Visby from Stockholm (Arlanda and Bromma), Gothenburg and Malmö. In the summer you can get a flight to Visby from an even wider choice of destinations.

Travel by ferry

Destination Gotland
Bookings: +46 771 22 33 00

Travel by air

BRA - Stockholm Bromma, Gothenburg and Malmö

SAS - Stockholm Arlanda terminal 4

Visby airport (about destinations, airlines and transfers)

Student discounts

Destination Gotland’s website has information about student discounts on ferries to and from Gotland.

International Student Identity Card

We advise international students to get an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) before arriving in Sweden.

The ISIC gives you immediate discounts on flights and ferries within Sweden and abroad. If you are under 26 or a student taking at least 22,5 ECTS credits (22,5 Swedish credits) during one semester, you are also entitled to discounts on ferries between Gotland and the Swedish mainland, the Swedish railway system (SJ) and on SAS airlines. Go to the ISIC web page to read more about the ISIC-card.