Sustainability Talks: What does water mean to us?

It is time for the first ‘Sustainability Talks’ event of the semester! You are invited to sustainability breakfast at Campus Gotland, on Wednesday the 20th of September, in room E22 at 08.00-.9.30 AM. This time we have two speakers that have been exploring the vital issue of water scarcity from different aspects.

Anna E. Weiser is a composer and an artist. During the spring, Anna has been working on a project carried out together with the County Administration Office on Gotland that is called ‘Listening to Sustainability’. She has recorded and photographed streams and waterways on the island to understand better the human connection with the resource.

David Kronlid is an associate professor of ethics at Uppsala University and a research leader at The Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD). David will talk about an ongoing research project, carried out by SWEDESD, on the knowledge gap that occurs within institutions when dealing with complicated sustainability issues, like water scarcity. Why is it so difficult to deal with sustainability issues concerning vital resources, when everyone agrees on the importance?

We hope to see you on Wednesday the 20th of September and that we can create a fruitful discussion together over a cup of coffee and a good breakfast.

This seminar is public and for everyone of interest.

Best regards,

Karin Bengtsson, Department of Ecology and Genetics
Jenny Helin, Department of Business Studies
Petra Eriksson, Department of Conservation and Art History
Lovísa Eiríksdóttir, Department of Business Studies

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Sustainability Talks is a series of transdisciplinary seminars at Campus Gotland with the ambition to raise awareness of sustainability issues and link education and research to the United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SD).

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