Student Services at Campus Gotland

Student services can help you with matters regarding admissions, registration and degrees. You can also collect your written exams, transcript of records etc.

You will find us at the reception desk, Wednesday – Friday 10 am – 1 pm. If you wish to send an e-mail to one of us, please use the general e-mail address Below on this page you can find out which study administrators are responsible for which subject areas and their telephone numbers.

If you have an active student account, you can download certificates of enrolment, certificates of registration and Ladok certificates from the Student portal below My studies >> Request grade transcript (log in with your login credentials).

Student health service

As a student at Uppsala university - Campus Gotland you have access to student health care via the Student Health Service.

Study Counselling at Campus Gotland

Contact the study counsellor if you need guidance and information about courses and programmes at Campus Gotland.

Log in to the Student Portal

You will find many IT services (including email) through the Student Portal. Some services are also found at the IT support pages.

Today’s schedule

Today's schedule on Campus Gotland.

Study administrators and subject areas

Find out which study administrators are responsible for which subject areas and their telephone numbers.

Archaeology/osteology Carina Dahlström 0498- 108234
Biology Katarina Werner Hallgren 0498- 108238
Energy technology/Wind power Adam Liljegren 0498- 108217
English Josefina Ahlvin 0498- 108235
Ethnology Cecilia Howe 0498- 108236
Business studies Josefina Ahlvin 0498- 108235
Gender Studies Adam Liljegren 0498-108217
Geography/Human geography Josefina Ahlvin 0498- 108235
History Cecilia Howe 0498- 108236
Law Katarina Werner Hallgren 0498- 108238
Art studies Carina Dahlström 0498- 108234
Cultural/Architectural heritage Carina Dahlström 0498- 108234
Quality technology and management Adam Liljegren 0498- 108217
Leadership Adam Liljegren 0498- 108217
Literature studies/Rhetoric Cecilia Howe 0498- 108236
Teacher training Cecilia Howe
Marie du Rietz
0498- 108236
Software technology Katarina Werner Hallgren 0498- 108238
Nursing education Karin Modin 018- 471 6311
Computer game design/Narrative Cecilia Howe 0498 10 8236
Swedish/Nordic languages Josefina Ahlvin 0498 10 8235

Subject areas linked to departments

See the connection between subjects at Campus Gotland and departments at Uppsala University.

The Language Workshop at Campus Gotland